Prekindergarten CurriculumDSCN5785

Junior Prekindergarten ages: 3 ½ to 4 ½ and Senior Prekindergarten ages: 4 ½ to 5+
Children will cover the following topics according to their individual abilities


All work is done both in English and in French

  • naming the letters “A” “B” “C”…
  • associating the sounds with the letters
  • vowels, long and short
  • matching words
  • sounding out words
  • starting to read


  • countingDSCN6042
  • knowing the names of the numbers
  • understanding the quantities associated with the numbers
  • adding and subtracting simple numbers
  • understanding the decimal system (units, tens, hundreds, thousands)
  • understanding numbers from 10 to 20 (the “teens”)
  • adding more complex numbers


  • understanding plants
  • learning about native animals in Quebec (including hibernation and migration)
  • insects
  • amphibians and lizards
  • performing simple science experiments with a science instructor (done weekly)
  • weather concepts
  • seasons
  • days of the week
  • the clock (time concepts)



  • lessons once a week given by our music specialist (Wednesday or Thursday afternoon)
  • musical activities in class
  • creating our own orchestra
  • singing with our teachers
  • learning about different types of music during our theme weeks (for example Caribbean music)
  • special events with musicians about once every second month throughout the year


  • free play time, colouring with coloured pencils and crayons, making our very own creations
  • painting
  • crafts with our Arts and Crafts specialist (special activity offered every second month)
  • IMG_20140731_153026crafts with our teachers to decorate our bulletin boards
  • crafts with our teachers during special holiday times (mother’s day, etc)
  • face painting
  • outdoor crafts: chalk art, painting in the snow


  • puppet shows with our puppet theatre and puppets
  • dress up box
  • dress up in costume from home days
  • funny hat days
  • theatre groups performing with actors and/or with puppets at our school as a special event
  • Optional program “Theatre with Barbara” offered at Montessori


Aerobics and sports program with our specialist Kim (Monday or Tuesday afternoons)

  • games with balls, hoola hoops, balloons, scarves
  • basic aerobic stepsIMG_20140806_105138
  • mini relay races
  • musical chair “party” type games
  • freeze dance
  • outdoor introduction to sports
  • Children’s Olympic-style games

Playground activities

  • games with our friends
  • games on the playground equipment
  • sand play
  • during the summer we play outdoors twice a day and in the winter once a day (after snack in the morning)

Optional programs (You may register your child for these programs, there is an additional fee)

  • Wimgym gymnastics (Kindergym program offered at the Wimgym facilities)
  • Swimming lessons (at the Aquatic Centre in Pointe Claire)
  • Karate classes (offered at Montessori)
  • Yoga classes (offered at Montessori Thursday mornings)
  • Ballet (offered at Montessori)
  • Sportball (offered at Montessori)


  • getting along nicely with our classmates and friends
  • being able to wait for our turn
  • learning to work cooperatively in a group
  • learning to lead a group
  • being confident
  • learning to problem solve
  • knowing when to ask for a teachers assistance if needed
  • speaking to a group
  • performing in front of a group
  • being able to focus during a performance
  • learning to express feelings
  • learning the limits of our behaviour
  • being polite
  • learning how to set the table correctly
  • having the confidence to ask questions and participate in a group discussion