Daily Schedule

The following is meant to provide the parents with a general summary of how the day is scheduled. In the Montessori Method it is very important to allow the children flexibility in choosing their activities. It is equally important to provide them with many stimulating activities to choose from, and to give them support and guidance while they perform their chosen tasks. Throughout the day the children have the opportunity as their choice, to work alone, with a friend or several friends, or in a group activity under the teacher’s direction. There are always many activities to choose from, plenty of encouragement, and lots of fun. Given this environment, the learning comes naturally, promoted by the child’s own interest and self-discipline. Please note that the schedule as shown below will depend on the age group. Times shown are therefore approximate. A more precise schedule is available from your child’s teacher once he starts school.

7:00-7:45 Child may bring a breakfast if desired (the parent is required to help the child get his breakfast ready at the table). All children are in classroom 3 for supervised free play until approximately 7:45 to 8:00 am at which time, teachers from the other classrooms arrive to take the children to their room.
7:45-8:15 Supervised activities (by one’s self or with friends). The children choose material/toys according to their interests. The teachers supervise and help as needed.
8:15-9:30 Group activities and supervised individual work. Focus is on the Montessori material. Children are encouraged to choose from a wide variety of academic activities.
9:30-9:45 “Circle time” – a group activity on the carpet. Allows time for children to put away toys. Preparation for snack – wash hands, go to bathroom, give out snacks, pour milk.
9:45-10:00 Snack is eaten.
10:00-10:10 Clean up – use dust pans to clean crumbs off table and floor, wipe up tables with a wet cloth, wash hands.
10:10-10:30 Gym activities and time to dress to go outdoors.
10:30-11:30 Play outdoors (weather permitting) – If the children stay indoors there will be indoor physical activities (for example, parachute games) as well as activities such as arts and crafts, Lego’s, (“free play”) during this period. Please note: It is our belief that outdoor play promotes good health for the child’s mind and body, therefore, all the children are taken outside to play. Please do not ask us to keep your child inside due
to a cold/ear infection, etc. If a child is too sick to go outdoors then he/she is too sick to be at school.
11:30-12:45 Lunchtime – wash hands, set tables, pour milk, eat lunch, clean up, go to bathroom.
12:45-2:00* Nap time (*Prekindergarten class has rest time from 1:00 to 1:20 only)
1:30 (or end of nap) – 3:00 Group activities and supervised individual work. The children will use the Montessori Material according to their interests at this time. This is also the period for work on arts and crafts, science projects, baking, games, books, discussions,” theme” work (eg.Valentines) etc.
3:00-3:40 Afternoon snack (procedure for snack is the same as morning, starting with circle time, etc.).
3:40-4:00 Gym activities and preparation to go outside (Afternoon outdoor play is scheduled from approximately April through October. During the winter months we have active play indoors in the afternoons).
4:00-6:00 Outdoor playtime (weather and daylight hours permitting).
If the children must stay indoors due to poor weather, or on days when we come in early; the indoor activities can include crafts, games, stories, dress-up, puzzles, etc.
5:00 – 6:00 Free play supervised by the teachers and afternoon assistants. At this time the groups may be combined according to numbers. For the benefit of their child, parents are expected to be on time. After 6 pm there is an additional charge.

Additional Activities That Take Place During The Day

ACTIVITIES ACCORDING TO THE WEEKLY THEME – Every week there is a different theme on our school calendar.  For example we may have “Teddy bear week”  or “Arctic animal week” or “Let’s exercise week” or “Professions week”.  Whatever the theme there will be many activities revolving around that topic: crafts, stories, discussions, show and tell, special guests, games and other activities.

MUSIC CLASS – Group music lessons are given by our professional music teacher, on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons (children attend one of the two afternoons). Music class is for 30 minutes. The children learn songs and rhythm, are introduced to different types of music, and learn to use the small percussion instruments.

AEROBICS (MUSIC AND MOVEMENT) EXERCISE CLASS – We have a certified instructor who teaches our kid’s aerobics classes on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Each child has one 30 minute aerobics class per week. Classes are set up as fun gym games for the children using hoops, scarves, balls and other equipment. The goal of the classes is to provide physical education fun and promote coordination and gross motor development.

OPTIONAL CLASSES – During the year there are optional classes available, for example: Yoga, Karate, Ballet, Wimgym gymnastics, Skating lessons, Swimming lessons, Theatre and Movement (Dramatic play), Arts and Crafts. Parents sign their children up for these classes if they wish, for a nominal fee. Details of these classes are provided monthly in the school calendars.

SPECIAL EVENTS – Field trips (for ages 3 1/2 and up) and special visitors for all ages (example, going to the fire station or having the dentist visit us) are part of our program and fit into the daily schedule usually in the mornings. There are between 4 to 8 special events per month. All events are optional (parents receive a sign up sheet at the beginning of every month). Children who do not participate in a special event will continue regular activities with their teacher in the classroom. We appreciate the help of parents as volunteers on our field trips.

NORTHVIEW PARK – We are fortunate, as well as having our own large playground, to be situated next to Northview Park. This park has two playgrounds for young children as well as soccer and baseball fields and tennis courts. During the year, we use the park for activities such as picnics, playing with the playground equipment, and sports. Excursions to the park are scheduled during the outdoor playtime, and outings are also planned for snack or lunch time (picnics at the park).