Early Socialization Curriculum

Early Socialization Curriculum

For ages 18 months to 2½ years


All work is done both in English and in French


  • learning our A-B-C’s
  • word games for recognition that letters are associated with words (e.g., “C” for cat)
  • storytime
  • matching games
  • activities to promote expression (speaking)
  • learning Spanish with our Spanish teacher


  • understanding concepts of size (big/small)
  • placing objects in order of size
  • counting activities


  • planting seeds
  • learning about farm animals
  • learning about insects
  • learning about frogs and lizards
  • performing simple science experiments (hot/cold)
  • learning about healthy food



  • lessons once a week given by our music specialist
  • musical activities in class with our teachers including singing and dancing
  • creating our own orchestra
  • hearing different types of music during our theme weeks
  • special events with professional musicians

Arts & Crafts

  • art program activities designed to maximize the child’s involvement
  • Exploring with different art media (e.g., crayons, paint, playdough, etc.)
  • crafts with our teachers to decorate our classrooms
  • crafts to bring home for special occasions (e.g., mother’s day)
  • exploring the science of art (e.g., mixing colours)


  • puppet shows with our own puppet theatre and puppets
  • imaginary play with our dress up box
  • creative pretend play days (e.g., funny hat day)
  • special events with professional theatre groups (children’s puppet shows or plays)

Physical activities IMG_20140521_100807 IMG_20140521_101045

Music and Movement

  • games with balls, hoola hoops, balloons, scarves, etc.
  • musical games
  • games to promote development of gross motor skills

Playground activities.  We have a separate, beautiful playground area for our younger students! We play outdoors every day unless it is raining or temperatures are extreme.

  • games with playground cars and trucks and other toys
  • sand play
  • interacting with our friends outdoors
  • games with our teachers to promote gross motor skills and social skills (e.g. parachute play)

Optional programs (You may register your child for these program, there is an additional fee)

  • Yoga
  • Theatre
  • Karate


  • learning how to get along with other children
  • learning to be independent (including separating from mom and dad, and learning to do things for ourselves)
  • being able to wait for our turn
  • learning to share
  • becoming confident
  • learning to ask for a teachers assistance if needed
  • learning how to be a helper
  • learning how to follow instructions
  • learning to watch a performance
  • learning the limits of our behaviour