Our Staff

Eva Stratis. Mrs. Stratis was the founder of the Montessori School of Pointe Claire. Trained in Athens, Greece, Mrs. Stratis first opened the Montessori School in Pointe Claire in 1965 in a home, then expanded the school to its present location in 1972. Mrs. Stratis’ progressive ideas made the school the unique establishment it is today. Mrs. Stratis’ legacy can still be seen in the love, care, and quality of education at Montessori Pointe Claire.

Artemis Erfle. Artemis started as the Assistant Director at Montessori in 1986, and became School Director in the fall of 2000. Artemis is the daughter of Mrs. Stratis and has four children of her own who all attended Montessori. She has her BSc from McGill University and an MSc from Guelph University in Environmental Sciences and taught for five years as an assistant at the University level. Artemis also has her Montessori Teachers Diploma from the North American Progressive Montessori Teacher Training Centre and has considerable experience teaching Montessori at the preschool level. As Director of Montessori Pointe Claire, Artemis works closely with the teaching and support staff and with the Parent Committee to maintain a creative and positive program at Montessori that meets the needs of the children and parents and is ever-evolving with the times. She is there with a smile to answer questions and help out wherever she is needed. Artemis is also actively involved in promoting sports for girls and women in the community. Her volunteer work includes coaching as well as being involved at the executive level in various organizations, and actively participating in and organising numerous fundraising projects within the local community.

Cindy Batten. Cindy has been at Montessori since 2002, and is our Daycare Manager and an invaluable asset to our parents and staff. Cindy has her diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management and is in charge of the daycare menu. Cindy is a loving mother and Grandmother. She understands the needs of the parents at Montessori and loves her role working with staff, parents and children.  Parents know that anything they may need they can just “go see Cindy”!

Toni Vriniotis. Toni joined us as an Administrative Assistant in early 2016. Her passions are children, the elderly, and animals. Toni loves how honest and real children are – the children at Montessori keep her laughing every day! Everyone loves Toni because of her smile, positive energy, and helpful nature. Toni welcomes parents into the office and is more than happy to help with anything they might need.

Gigi Rombersand. Gigi has been at Montessori since 2005 and is our full-time Chef. Gigi loves cooking, she loves working with children, and she’s thrilled to be able to combine both at Montessori. Gigi is a pro at managing food allergies when necessary and welcomes any questions about Montessori’s kitchen.

Kimberley Beyea. Kimberley Beyea teaches Music and Movement, a fun and interactive music class specifically designed for the children at Montressori Pointe Claire. As well as being an awesome music teacher, Kimberley Beyea is a singer, multi instrumentalist, choir director, sound engineer and song writer. She enjoys playing most styles of music but has a deep passion for jazz, kids, and creating new music. Kimberley studied Jazz at Concordia University. She has recorded multiple albums for children with original jazzy songs.

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Adriana Alberga.  Adriana started as a teacher at Montessori in the spring of 2000, and has been loved by everyone from her first day here! Adriana has four children and several grandchildren of her own. Adriana has worked with all of our age groups, from 18 months to pre-kindergarten – and she enjoys everyone of them! She is organized and helpful and very much appreciated by the children, teachers and parents. Adriana is trained in the Montessori Method and actively encourages the children to use the material in the classroom. Adriana is very creative and prepares some phenomenal arts and crafts projects for the children.

Camille Pyle. Camille has her Bachelor Degree in Sociology from Concordia University, and has been a teacher at Montessori since January 1998. Camille has also been involved in volunteer work in the community helping children with special needs. Camille is Montessori trained and teaches in our 3 ½ to 4 ½ year old group. Camille is creative in her work with the children. The children love her because she loves to be with them. Students and parents alike appreciate her happy personality and her excellent ability to organize her classroom making every day fun. Parents praise Camille for being an exceptional teacher.

Daniela Pierre. Daniela has been a French teacher at Montessori since 2000. A mother of 2 girls, Daniela has her Early Childhood Education diploma from the Université du Québec, is Montessori trained, and is passionate about teaching. Daniela is gentle, caring, and easy to be with. Parents appreciate how their children thrive in her class.

Herla Joseph. Herla has been a French teacher at Montessori Pointe Claire in our prekindergarten classroom since November 1988 and is trained in the Montessori Method. Herla has both a Baccalaureat d’Enseignement and a Certificat en éducation en milieu de garde from the Université du Québec à Montréal. Herla has a very positive attitude towards learning and she makes sure all the classroom activities are interesting and enjoyable. Herla especially enjoys promoting science and environmental awareness, and believes in encouraging the childrens’ curiosity about the world in which they live. Herla’s own daughter is a successful graduate of Montessori Pointe Claire.

Gabriela Roffo. Since 2012, Gabriela has been teaching French and Spanish at Montessori. Gabriela is a fully qualified early childhood educator, and is the mother of 3 children. A conscientious and caring individual, Gabriela is energetic and extremely creative. Her enthusiasm  makes every day a special day for the children.

Lorraine Lepage. Lorraine has been a French teacher at Montessori since the fall of 2000. She is trained in the Montessori Method and has her diploma as a Nurse’s Aide. Lorraine is exceptional at teaching the French language as well as introducing new activities to her classroom. The children learn easily from her approach. The outdoors is important to Lorraine and she loves  having her group get active in the playground.

Nadine Peck. Since 1987, Nadine has been teaching and taking care of children at Montessori. Nadine holds a diploma in social services, and is very dedicated to her work. Nadine has a very mild manner with the children and they find it easy to trust her. Nadine is well trained in the Montessori Method and enjoys organizing her class. Nadine has worked with all our age groups and is wonderful at understanding the needs of each individual child. The parents appreciate Nadine’s help in integrating their children into the classroom as well as her helpful advice.

Tanya Angrignon. Tanya has been teaching at Montessori since 2010. Tanya is a senior teacher with our 18 month to 2 ½ year-old group. Prior to working at Montessori, Tanya worked at the elementary school level, with a particular focus on special needs children. Tanya has 4 grown boys of her own and is thrilled to be working with the children at Montessori. Tanya is particularly sensitive to the children’s individual needs and is excellent at ensuring that the children have the best care at school. Tanya has created a wonderful environment in her classroom by combining both Montessori and Reggio Emilia philosophies.