Optional Activities

A wide variety of special activities are included in our program at no additional charge. To supplement these included activities, we also offer optional activities at a nominal cost. These programs have proven very popular with our students and parents.

With the monthly calendar, parents will receive registrations forms for upcoming optional activities. Activities fall into three categories: field trips (about once per month), one-time special events (such as an in-house magic show or theater performance), or a series of classes with a specialist (such as karate or swimming). The additional cost for these activities goes towards paying the instructor and for the bus service when applicable. All instructors are certified for their classes and are fantastic at working with young children — we have chosen them with great care.

Field trips provide the child the opportunity to experience life and learn outside the daycare environment. During our one-time special events at the daycare, the child enjoys an experience that will broaden their horizons. Additional classes (such as Zumba or skating) give parents flexibility in arranging their child’s schedule and allow the child to develop new skills.