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Swimming Levels | Montessori Pointe Claire Swimming Levels – Montessori Pointe Claire

Swimming LevelsIsabella

These descriptions are provided by the Pointe Claire Aquatic Center

There are 8 swimming levels, ranging in ability from beginner to accomplished swimmer.

The detailed requirements for each level are listed below. A child must master every skill
at each level before progressing to the next. In order to preserve the integrity of each
class, we reserve the right to transfer children who are not in the correct level.
WHITE 3-7 years

  • Jump from side with bubble on (forward arms with directional control)
  • Blow bubbles while swimming with bubble on
  • Swim 2 m unassisted face in the water (no jump)
  • Back float with head assistance

YELLOW 3-7 years

  • Jump in, unassisted
  • Demonstrate a front and a back glide (push off the wall, body at surface)
  • Swim 12 m unassisted with no bubble, face in water
  • Front float and back fl oat, unassisted (5 seconds)

GREEN 4-11 years

  • Push off wall streamline with kick – 6 m
  • Swim Front Crawl – 12 m (face in water, arms out and begin breathing to side)
  • Endurance swim – 24 m continuously
  • Backstroke kick – 12 m (head back and horizontal body position)
  • Rolling floats (front to back, back to front)
  • Retrieve item from bottom of pool

RED 5-15 years4654654654444444

  • Submerged push off into streamline kick (front)
  • Front Crawl – 25 m with breathing to the side
  • Backstroke kick – 25 m
  • Backstroke – 12 m

BLUE 6-16 years

  • Push off wall streamline position (back)
  • Front crawl – 50 m
  • Backstroke – 25 m
  • Breaststroke kick – 25 m

BRONZE 7-16 years

  • Front Crawl – 50 m
  • Backstroke – 50 m
  • Breaststroke – 50 m
  • Introduction to shallow dive