Camp Activities

Camp ActivitiesIMG_20140801_09581653f1453b48943.jpg

  • Have the most fun and get the best care from our experienced camp monitors
    We provide a very healthy and safe environment
  • Every day there are different Interesting “quality” activities, indoors and out
  • We love our Theme Days
  • As well as our special activities, we keep our campers busy with: Crafts, games, stories, dress-up, music, etc.

Special Entertainers

  • During the summer we will have two Magic Shows, always highlight events
  • We also love our Musical Concerts – Guitar!   Piano! — which take place several times during the summer

Science Programs

  • Everyone takes part in our “Science Gal” program – kids are fascinated when the Science Gal comes to camp with fun and sometimes crazy (but always interesting) experiments “kid style”
  •  Everyone goes home with a treat on the days we have our Kids baking and cooking program – our chef comes to our classrooms to help us bake cookies from scratch, make our own pizzas, learn how to make pasta using a pasta machine, and have us participate in lots more baking and cooking activities.
  • Kids love our gardening activities – we have our own herb and vegetable gardens in our playground and we will help to tend them (a great outdoor summer activity for all ages).
  • Learning about helping the environment through recycling and other environmentally friendly activities are also part of our science program at summer camp. The “recycled materials” crafts are just the best!

Physical Activity

  • Our camp monitors will make sure we have loads of physical activity in the summer.  We have tons of space to play outdoors and we always make great use of it.
  • Some of our most fun summer activities are our outdoor cooperative games
  • We will have classes in: Introduction to soccer, badminton, softball, and ball hockey
  • We love chasing each other and playing relay races and games outdoors
  • If the weather is not cooperating on a camp day we have plenty of Indoor mini-gym activities for those “rainy days”

Swimming Lessons14 - 42

  • This is an optional program with a separate registration and fee required (form available)
  • For ages 3 (toilet trained) and older
  • Lessons are two weeks in July and/or two weeks in August
  • Location is the excellent indoor teaching facility at the Pointe Claire Aquatic Centre

The Karate Program

  • Once a week we have karate classes with our favourite Sensei
  • Karate takes place outdoors (weather permitting)
  • We learn some great Karate moves as well as sharpen our focusing skills
  • We just LOVE karate!!!!!!

Park Playtime

  • We play in our spacious one acre playground facility every day, morning and afternoon
  • Our monitors will entertain us with organized outdoor activities (games, crafts), but there is plenty of time for free play also
  • It’s summer and it’s time for outdoor picnic-snack time or picnic lunch in our park area
  • We also love to play at Northview (Viking) Park toddler or older-child play areas, soccer field, baseball diamond

The Yoga Program

  • Once a week we have yoga classes for kids with our certified Children’s Yoga instructor
    This unique program teaches awareness of body and breathing
  • What we do are fun yoga poses related to animal themes!
  • Our yoga classes help build coordination, promote listening skills, and teach self-discipline, and they are extremely popular with all our campers!

Have fun with Spanish

  • This program is designed with different activities to introduce the children to the Spanish language in a fun way
  • Our Spanish workshops are taught by professional teachers
  • Children enjoy using their imagination for some “dramatic play” in Spanish
  • Our teachers will make these outdoor classes when possible

Celebrate your summer birthday at camp2014-06-23-17.20.19

  • We will bake you a cake and have a birthday party at camp
  • Let us know which date is best for the celebration

Outings for our 6-8 year old “Senior Campers”

  • For our senior campers only
  • Great excursions in the area
  • Transportation by school bus or city bus; very well supervised
  • Parents pay only the cost of entry to the activity where applicable
  • Regular outings include the Walter’s Splash Pad in Dorval, the Ecomuseum, Ceramic or t-shirt painting at Artista Café, and more.